Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pets help make life more pleasant. How for do you agree with this opinion?

Pets are an integral part of our lives. This association between human and animals dates back to prehistoric times when people relied on hunting for their food supply. From this early times, animals such as horses, dogs, cattle and cats played important role in the development of civilization.

As time one went by, pets provided companionship as well. They were kept the wealthy, genteel and royalty for centuries before the practices become common among ordinary people. The average working person did not on own pets until the 19th century when, batter wages and living standards, common people were able to keep animals as pets.

Today, pets are not just confined to the feathered kind. They include all types of creatures such as snakes, turtle, iguanas’ and chameleons. Pets play an increasingly vital role in today’s society with smaller families and the like LaHood of both parents working, pets provide a vital link in the family unit. The provide children with the opportunity to learn how to care for a nature young growing creatures love and concern, shoulder the responsibility of feeling, housing and training their pets. Many children also learn eventually, to cope with the issue of deaths.

Apart from that, pets are also important in the lives of adults. Many adults can look back to happy memories of childhood playing and romping in the garden with their pet dogs or cats. A pet provides loving companionship to an adult. Keeping pets is an ideal way to boost and maintain self-esteem. They are always there to listen your woes and they never complain. A pet is undemanding or always devoted and happiest when it is the master’s presence it is able to sense the masters’ mood and remains loyal until the end.

Pets also provide loving companionship to the elderly who like alone or are lonely. Many elderly people’s wealth improves tremedoungly with the presence of pets. These pets give them a purpose to live, a reason to wake up in the morning and provide them with fun and laughter long enough for them to forget their aches and pains.

Pets make our life more exciting for me, with my loving pets I did not felt lonely anymore. I enjoyed playing with them everyday and it will be the precious moment in my life.


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