Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Pollutions can be determined as a contamination by a chemical or other agent that renders part of the environment unfit for us. There are three types of pollution. There are air, water and land pollution. Malaysia is adversely affected by all these.

Land pollution in Malaysia is caused by indiscriminate dumping of rubbish, improper dumping of toxic waste and deforestation. The chemicals and poison from rubbish and toxic waste seep into the soil, killing organisms that consume it or that are the part. All this rubbish in turn become feeding and breeding grounds for pests such rats, crows, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies.

Deforestation also causes water pollution. Deforestation practices that involves clearing the jungle on a large scale, without efforts to replant new trees, causes soil erosion. The quality of our source of drinking water so bad, that is requires many layers of processing to be clean enough for usage.

Water pollution also occurs as a results of release of untreated affluents from factories. Some people treat the river as a dumping ground aparts from using it as a place for washing clothes, utensils, bathing and others. As a result, many of our rivers have been declared dead, which means no life form can survive in them because they are so polluted.

Apart from that, there is air pollution. The increasing number of vehicles and chemicals plants have led to an increase in harmful geses in the air like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. Open burning of domestic trash and agricultural waste add dust particle into the air.

All forms of pollution seem to be affecting all area of our life. It is hight time Malaysians take this issue seriously, or could have worse adverse effects on our future generations.

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