Monday, September 22, 2008

the advantages and disadvantages of watching television

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching Television

Watching television has a lot of advantages and its disadvantages. Whether watching television has more advantages or disadvantages depends on the individual.
A person can gain a lot of knowledge by watching good television programmes. Children learn moral value from educational children’s programmes and science from infoscience programmes. They also learn history from feature films as well as documentary shows. The National Geographic provides information about our habitat and environment in a very interesting way. A person gains his knowledge in the comfort of his home. Watching scientific shows stimulates the mind. It helps a person to have a wider perspective of science and its potential that can be used to help mankind. Television news is a good source of information on happenings in the nation as well as the world.
On the other hand, watching television can have a bad effect on the viewer too. Foul languages, violent and incident acts from the shows can have a negative effect on the viewer’s behaviour. Scary nad horror movies sometimes stretch the imagination of the viewer too far. Watching too much television may result in a person being an introvert, anti-sosial or becoming addict too television programmes
Nothing is perfect. A person must learn to make the best out of watching television by being selective of what he watches. In this way, watching television is not only fun but informative too.

By:muhd asyraff bin kamaruzaman

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