Monday, September 22, 2008

if only i had listened to his advice

Write a story that ending with
“If only I had listened to his/ her advice)

It was drizzling. We were enjoying ourselves fishing in the middle of a sea when we saw lighting flashing across the sky. We know that was so dangerous for us but we didn’t listened to our mum’s advice. We still wanted to go there. The peal of thunder that followed told us that rain was imminent. We prepared ourselves to return to shore when the rain came to beat us.

We rowed with all available strength but our efforts seemed futile. Then a big powerful wave hit against our beat. The three of us were thrown into the sea. We were fortunate to sea a big plank to which we clung precariously. Ainun, my close friend was filled with tears and Yanie soon broke into tears. I did not lose hope however.

It was after some time that we found the storm abating. I was cold and shivering. All of us were feeling uneasy in our stomachs as we had swallowed a lot of salt water. The wind meanwhile began to howl and rage with anger. We struggled refusing to give up hope.

After several hours later the storm subsided and the wind died to a gentle breeze once again. It was quite bright now and we were hoping that some help would come at our hour of need. For away we sighted boats. It was our happiest moment. We quickly attracted attention by splashing in the water. One of boats headed in our direction and we knew help was coming. We were soon renewed and taken to land. We felt relief because our life was saved. We, then was sent to the hospital. Then the old man who was saving our life asked our home’s phone number because he wanted to inform about us to our parents. After that, we thanked to him. We were lucky because God sent us somebody to save our live. We were also warded for all couple of days.

I felt regret and guilty. Because of me my, friends got into trouble. I am sorry, friends. And I also did wrong to my mother because of the bad weather. But, I ignored her words. If I could only turn the clock, I will listened to her advice because our mother’s instinct always right. The situation would not happen if I only had listened to her advice.

By:muhd asyraff bin kamaruzaman


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It is a nice essay. Though,I don't get the first two lines of the last paragraph. Like what's as the reason behind separating it into two sentences?