Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Summer Holiday

Last summer holiday, I went to my hometown. It had been half a year my family and I did not go back to my village and I really missed my grandfather and my lovely village. They were very adorable .Thus, after my parents had performed their dawn prayers, my mother woke me up and I went to take my bath .After packing my things, I started to help my father to make sure that everything was in good condition.

After all of us were ready, we started our trip at 9.00 am. My father drove the his brand new Toyota Innova along the Karak Highway. Along the journey I was felling extremely delighted and joyful because the scenery along the road were very tranquil. After the 5 hours journey, we all arrived at my village. I fell very happy cause I could saw my village again and my grandfather an my grandmother. They all very surprised when they saw us and quickly came to me.

After that, we had a rest because we had a very long journey. My dad felt really hectic, because because he drive a whole day and needed too last the whole day. The next day while we were talking in the house there was someone came to my grandfather’s house.

He was a a salesmen on that day he going to sell a vitamin for old man only, so that they could do a job that like when they was young. My grandfather were attracted to the vitamin but I had heard about this vitamin at the city. I got knew that the vitamin was a drug and I had evate my grandfather to buy it so I called a policeman to know whether the salesman was selling a vitamin or a drug.

Last but not last, when the policeman came the salesman tried to ran but he was caught and what he tried to sold was a drug, and my grandfather was lucky because he did not tried to buy the fake vitamin.

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