Friday, August 29, 2008

what is your opinion of the public toilets in the country


We know all the country in the world prepared some facilities for the people. Toilet is one of the facilities that are prepared to us. It is very important especially for the tourist who was visited our country. The facility gives us a lot of benefits but sometimes it can cause bad effect if we not use it efficiently.

The public toilet in our country has problem. Sometimes it gives a problem to the people to use it. Some of the people feel very disappointed because the facilities in our country cannot use very well. One of the problems about toilets that happen are it is so dirty and smelly. It is disgusting and make people do not want to use it.

The facilities in the toilets are bad. For instance, the pipe broken down and sometimes the water from the main tank cannot reach into the pipe in the toilets. It can give a problem to the people especially the tourists who want to use it. The user will feel uncomfortable when they using it.

The public toilets also offer the high prices for those who want to use it. It is not reasonable for the facilities that are prepared. It burden the people and make them do not want to use it. For the second time, our country usually visited by the foreign tourists, we will fell ashamed. They are proud with our country but when they are using our toilet, they will feel disappointed because our country, not good as they think and here.

Toilets give us many benefits if we are maintaining the cleanliness. As we know, the cleanliness shows a good image to the country. It also can attract the tourists where the local and foreign tourists.

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