Friday, August 29, 2008

Boys and girls should be given equal opportunity in education.Given your views.



Boys and girls should be given equal opportunity in education. Give your views.

Nowadays, many students at University in our country have many girl’s student from boys. The situation happened not because our country do not ignore boy’s student but there are make it happened. Many girls’ student in University get opportunity to study because a lot of them are female and this situation make them comfortable to study. They can study and achieve their ambition property because there is not composition between male students. Girl’s student in University have many opportunity because they study very hard when they at school. Male’s student usually lazy to study and play very much than study. Because of that many people say that boy’s student does not have opportunity in education. We are supposed to give boy’s student space to they think about their life.

Boys and girls should be given equal opportunities in education. I think this issues maybe did not speak because in college or university have many girls that boys. Because of that, they think that our government do not give equal opportunity to boy and choose girls to get education at the higher place. People are not realized what are real situation right now because they just easy to make a complaint about this issues and do not think why this happened in our education. Our country, right now really want boys in university or college but their result in examination does not show that they want to study. Their result make boys did not quality to study at university or college.

Next, this situation is happened because they are lazy to study and they also enter with crimes like drug, gambling or so on. Our race religion and country maybe destroyed if we give our country in their hands. I think our country will be destroyed and our children also have a dark dream in their ambition. A person that want to be a Chief Minister in our country, Malaysia, that person must have determination, have a brilliant ideas, carefully with their country and have a high stage in education. Someone like that, we want to be a Chief Minister. We do not care about girls and ignore our boys in education but their attitude is not quality to enter at the university or college.

After that, boys also involved in many crimes and our country difficult to make a decision because there are many girls than boys in education and who will be replace our Chief Minister if we do not have a right candidate right now.? Our government gives equal opportunities to our children to study and they do not pick girls or boys to study at the higher stage those boys. There are equal and as a student they have to grab the golden opportunity in their hand. They do not suppose to throw their ambition because of small things.

Our education system in Malaysia very fair and equal everyone. As a Malaysian’s people they will get opportunity to study in Malaysia and get a good education really don’t have to say because our government very fair in education. I think boys didn’t take the change to study property and successful in examination.

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