Thursday, August 21, 2008



Reading is the food of the mind. A person who reads a lot can deepen and widen his knowledge and develop a thinking that will be more logical and progressive. Since he reads a lot we can assume that he knows a lot. Therefore he can converse freely on a variety of subjects with ease and confidence;he becomes a social asset.
Reading makes a person broad-minded and sympathetic. Thousands of books are written on men's achievements,disappointments, and sufferings. Reading thus increase our understanding of human affairs. We understand their aspirations and sorrows and respond accordingly.
By reading we can also understand the customs, traditions and cultures of other people. This is especially important in a multi-racial country. We develop ideals such as respect, tolerance and goodwill all of which ensure lasting peace and harmony.
Reading also brings us into contact with great minds both of the past and the present. We learn about their lives which inspire us to work with greater diligence.
When reading books we should be discriminating in our choice. If books are carefully selected and correctly read, then our knowledge will increase and our thinking will be more constructive. Most important of all our time is profitably used.
Our time is short in this world and we must spend our time usefully. Reading after all is a pleasant form of recreation for all. A person who deos not readhas lost one of the greatest pleasures of life.

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