Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trouble at night



Trouble at night

A stranger noise woke both of us up .We sat up in bed and listened intently .The unfamiliar noise came from the dining-hall .After warning my sister to keep quiet , I climbed down the bed and tip-toed towards the dining-hall .The door to the dining-hall was locked .Furtively I peeped through the key hole and to my horror I saw the silhouette of figures moving.

I stood shocked and frightened. After regaining my strength I walked upstairs and carried my sister downstairs fearing she might alert the thieves. Slowly we walked towards the main door and with fumbling hands opened it.

As soon as we were out we ran to our neighbor’s house about twenty yards away. I poured out the story to him. At once he phoned the police. The police came immediately and surrounded the house. The robbers sensing danger dashed out. One of the robbers was shot in the leg during the cross-fire. The other two were caught and taken to the police station. My neighbors, a teacher , praised me for acting so fast and wisely. When my parents returned home from Butterworth the following morning, they were happy to see us safe and sound after that incident.

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