Thursday, August 14, 2008



Dreams are the product of our sub-conscious state of mind. Dreams are of many kinds. But the dream which I had last Sunday was the most interesting I have ever had. I was transported into a fairy land where beautiful fairies were dancing and singing.
I dreamt that I had gone to Paris. There I when into night club and saw many exciting happenings. Twist, and shake dances were going on full swing with the music blaring away. As I was watching the spectacle of dance and drama, a beautiful girl gazed upon me. I was attracted by her rosy cheeks, alluring eyes and sweet smile on her face. Her silent expressions of love enthralled me. I was really captivated by her charm and sweetness. She was really communicating with me with her silent expressions of love and her eyes. I though I must respond to her facial and other expressions.
I walk up to her, introduced myself and talked to her. She also passed very lovely and witty remarks. We then both took our cup of coffee, while sipping our coffee we had a long talk to our heart’s content. At the same time I was remembering and recollecting the eternal lines of Shakespeare:

Love I not that alters
When it finds alterations;
Or bends with the remover to remove

Now I was in two minds. Whether her love was true or false but I tried to be true to her. I sincerely expressed my love to her in the most unambiguous terms.

Soon the dance and music came to a close. With that she got up and went somewhere, saying that she would be returning soon. But she did not turn up. I was repenting for falling in love. I was thinking that I had been betrayed by this girl who had deceived me. As I was over this heart stricken subject, my eyes opened but my mind was still groggy. I thought I was in Paris but to my surprise I found myself still in RED LAND.

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