Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Props and Cons Study at Boarding School

Now the boarding school becomes the best place for the students that they pass with the flying colour in the examination such as Ujian Pernilaian Sekolah Rendah or Pernilaian Menengah Rendah. Every year many students try to prescribe place at the boarding school such as Malay Collage Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS), Alam Shah and Tun Fatimah but just half of them can continue their study at the boarding school. How about the other students that also best in their results? So for the student who cannot study at the boarding school, please do not give up because success not become from the where we study but success made from our effort. So please think about it because the boarding school also has a props and cons.

The benefit when we study at boarding school is we can study with the best and pro teachers. So this situation can help student to study effectively. Besides that we also not need to follow the tuition at out of school because we already have the best teacher, same with teacher that teach at the tuition centre. So we can save our money for other things such as reference book or past year exam question book to improve our knowledge and skillfully in solve the problem in the exam.

Our time also already managed by boarding school basic. So we do not worry about how to manage the time because timetable that school made include time to study, sport and prepare our self. Based on the reason so we not to difficult studying effectively. We as are student and a human we must sleep 8 hour per days and in the timetable it already enough. We also easy to get a help in money for continue our study at tertiary level.
Every thing in the world already has their partners. So prop has a con as the contras for we make a difference in our life. The cons when study at the boarding school is we maybe will cannot follow the lesson because teacher teaching very fast and just give a concept not exercise. So our result will go down because it and kill our future.

Study at the boarding school also can decrease the relationship in our family because we not meet with other in the long period. When we have chance we cannot talk with other because each other will busy with are office work, homework and so on. This situation can cause the level of love in family will decrease and causes social problem in clever student life style.

Based on the reason I think study at boarding school cannot give we warranty 100 % that we can success in our life. So study anywhere is not a block for me as student to get a success in the globalization world. For student that not has a chance to study please do not sad because success come from the people who are work hard in their trial not where they study.

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