Monday, August 4, 2008


My life would never be the same when I had a lot of money. It is because I can buy all things that I want and give benefits to me. Nowadays, money is very important to sustain our life. When I have a lot of money, I want to buy the laptop that I have always dreamt of. I like it in millennium colour. When I have a laptop, I can surf the Internet and obtain a lot of information on my studies. Besides that, I can get many friends from other countries so I can improve my knowledge and increase my language proficiency. I also want to be a benefactor. I want to donate my money to every poor people, orphanage, and people that need money to live. Lastly, the most important thing that I want to do when I have a lot of money is to make my parents happy by giving them everything that can make their life comfortable.

By Amanina Najwa
Form 4 Aurum 2008

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