Wednesday, August 6, 2008


By Syazwan and Hazim
Form 5 Aurum 2008

I still could recall vividly that day, the day which I almost died. It was 7 a.m. Jelin and Ashraf went to my house. We planned to go to Keluang Beach. We boarded a bus and the journey to Keluang Beach took only half an hour.

When we arrived, as usual we would go to the place where we usually swam. While swimming, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle. Then, another spasm caused me more intense pain. On reflex, I raised my hand to my face in agony. I raised my hand as high as I could in order to attract my friends’ attention.

I was so lucky. Seeing me in evident stress, Ashraf turned and called out Jelin. Jelin who was standing on the water edge could neither react nor do anything as he was immobilized by fear.

Ashraf was seized by panic. He floundered in the water as he tried wading ashore to get help. Further up the beach, Jelin saw that both of his friends were in the big trouble. He knew that if he did not do anything he would lose both of them. So he ran towards them to give a hand. Then he shouted, ’I’m coming, I’m coming,’ whilst waving frantically.

‘Don’t come into the water. It’s too deep!’ Ashraf yelled to Jelin. ’I think Syazwan has just been bitten by a jellyfish.’

By then, Jelin had collected his wits and courage. He threw away his peaked cap and plunged into the water. He knew that a jellyfish’s sting was poisonous and must get him ashore immediately. He swam a few strokes out of the sea.

However I had already been carried by the current into deeper water. Jelin could see me sputtering and flailing my arms. Fortunately Jelin reached me and had me in a chin tow within a few moments.

Jelin towed me back to the shore. Jelin and Ashraf crowded around me anxiously. They noticed that I looked so pale that they must take me to the nearest doctor immediately. I wished all of this would never happen to me.

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