Monday, August 25, 2008

an eventful day

It was a Saturday and being a holiday for me I decided to go out to school with ten ringgit in my pocket. It was a lot of money for a young girl like me and my face simmered with joy that morning.
The first place that dawned into my mind was the taman selera jaya, that is a paradise for children where all sorts of mee, cakes and drinks could be found. The foodstalls attracted me. Indeed the very thought of the food there whet my appetite. I ordered two plate of fried mee, a plate of satay and a bottle of orange squash. Only when I approached the vendor to settle the bill did I realize that the amount came to five ringgit.
I left the compound contented for having had a sumptuous lunch and unhappy too for being extravagant and consequently poorer by five ringgit. I headed for the supermarket and bought all the spicy tit-bits that struck my fancy. I also bought some stationery. Just as I was carrying my beg of goods to leave the crowded supermarket, I tripped knocking down a pile of neatly the arranged canned fruits. The din was so great that everybody stopped for a couple of minutes to look at my direction. The salesgirls in their counters ran to me as if I had committed a big crime. The whole attention was focused on me. I was so shy and felt so uneasy that I was on the fringe of crying. I held back my tears. The girls were plying me with questions and were throwing words of anger at me. I retorted that the whole thing happened inadvertently and asked for their forgiveness.
I left supermarket but the eyes outside were still focused on me and some children even pointed their fingers at me. This eventful day was also an embarrassing day for me. I resolved not to go to the supermarket for a long time to come.

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