Monday, August 25, 2008


The newspaper today plays a vital in our life. With the establishement of social and economic on an international level, it is necessary to obtain news from various part of the part of the world as quickly as possible. The newspaper fulfils this aim quickly and effectively. As a result the newspaper has become the chief source of information about local and foreign affairs.
The newspapers normally deal with a variety of subjects and therefore cater to people of different classes and interests. The good newspaper however, should give a more or less faithful recording of events that have taken place.
The newspaper is also the cheapest and the most popular means, whereby everybody can acquire knowledge and information of what is happening in the world. It covers events ranging from politics to sports. Besides this purpose, the newspaper also provides an appropriate medium for the expression of public opinion. In it there are columns which contain letters from the readers. From this letters we get a fair indication of the extent to which various subjects occupy the minds of the public.
The good newspaper should also influence our minds effectively and correctly. To fulfil this duty the independence of the press should be maintained and the government has a duty to see that this freedom of the press is maintained always. Newspaper editors too should not indulge in destructive criticism. They should always be unbiased when dealing with any topic. On the other hand they should train the public to read the news intelligently.
However not all newspapers can be classified as good. There are many newspapers which try to canceal their ulterior motives and often use unhealthy methods to influence public opinion to their way of thinking. They give importance to items of news which benefit them and discard others which they feel will be of no use to them. Such papers propagate their own principles and are therefore biased. The public should therefore read papers carefully and discriminatingly.

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