Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do international sports events help to promote friendships? What is your opinion?

In my opinion, I think it is absolutely correct. International sport events help to promote friendships around the world. As we know nowadays, there are many international sports such as the Sea Games and also the Olympic that will be held in Beijing, China. So, definately there are many people from the kind of country will gather there.

Besides can promote our country, we also can strengthen the relationship with each other among the people in the world. For example, the athlete can make a friend besides they also can convert their opinion about sports arena. As we know, the best athlete around the world will go through the training at the training centre as a preparation to attend the international sport. The situation will help to make friendship among the athlete. In addition, from this event the government can also make relation especially in economy. When we held the international sport there, many people from all the countries will visit it. Automatically, the economy in the country will increase.

From the relationship that we build, we can also invite the athlete especially to come to our country, Malaysia to visit. They will view the panorama that colorful in Malaysia. The picturesque splendor scene in Malaysia can release their mind and make them jovial. Besides, they also can more strengthen the relationship with people in Malaysia and they will know the culture and heritance in Malaysia. Actually, the relationship can make a friendship among the people in the country and overseas.

The friendship between Malaysia especially with another country in the world can be connected through the international sport that it is the prestige and well-known in the world. Furthermore, the international sport event helps our country to promote friendships with another countries and also can help us to increase our economy and vice versa.

By: Emi Nadia Najwa bt Mohamad

5 Aurum

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