Saturday, August 9, 2008

What are the advantages of having a mobile phone



Communication is the evidence of being alive. We use languages to talk with one another. Now we use languages together with communication with each other. Technology has introduced the mobile phone which has become an indispensable communication tool of the modern age.

What is a mobile phone? It is a long-range, portable device used for mobile communication and it is actually a combined technology of the telephone and radio. Today mobile phones have changed in size and function, and have become a tool that most people cannot live without.

Besides that, the advantages of mobile phone also allow us to keep in touch with other using SMS or messaging. Just by pressing a few keys, simple message can be sent to friends and the messages can also be saved to be referred to later. They can be deleted later on.

The mobile phones also enable us to capture memorable moments such as birthdays in the form of digital photos. This is made possible by the built-in camera. We can enjoy capturing endless photos of joyful moments. Apart form that, the mobile phone also allows us to exchange and transfer information with other devices like computer and other than that. Transferring photos and videos from mobile phone to computer and digital cameras or vice versa, as well as downloading games from videos game consoles have never been easier.

Another advantage is gaining unlimited access to the Internet. The ability to browse the Internet anywhere is very convenient, especially if we want to check our email frequently or keep up with the latest news. The mobile phone helps us to be more organized. This is because the mobile phone today is equipped with organizer features such as reminders and memo. It also allows one to be entertained anywhere, anytime mobile phone has built-in MP3 and radio. One’s free time can be used to listen to songs or news. Games can be downloaded and played in a mobile phone.

As newer mobile phone communication technologies arrive, there will be many useful features that would come on handy such as tracking capability video conferencing and multi-media messages. To become a knowledge society, we need to grow with technology and use it as a way of life. The most important things is how we educate our kids on the good and bad sides of technology.

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