Sunday, August 10, 2008



There is no denied ,friendly play an important role in our life .but it was very hurt when someone who us frust ,friend stabbed us in the back .Everyone of us in this cruel world must has a sad experience in friendship for me ,my experience was worst compared to anyone else in this world .
Oni and I had been friend for a long time ago .She is a perfect frieng that I have ever know.Only death will do us apart in our class .Oni and I sitted in the front now .We always do something together like eating ,playing and even sleeping in one bed .I love her to be friend like her.She always crack a joke in order to make me feel happy.But life is not a bed of roses .Sometimes thing do not happened as we wished .Somebody told me that ,Oni spread rumours that I wanted to snatch his boyfriends ,Zaki in reality ,she knows I was not like that .That was ridiculous , How could she do that iwas so mad with her .At the time ,friends does not has any meaning in my life .I felt so depressed . Idecided to confront her and asked the reason why she do that.She told me that she was sorry and did not mean to da that .Hey can you please stop prentending .Everyday I try not to think about the pain I felt inside because she used to be my partner .But I failed everytime I saw her face ,immediately I felt uncontrolled .But absence makes the heart grow fonder .My life was so lonely after I at longgerheads with Oni.I admitted that I have no one to talk and laughed together.

The days she spent with me,now seems so far away and I felt like she does not care anymore.But deep in my heart ,she is one of my greatest friend that I used to have. We are no longer intimate anymore .Our intimacy become feeble .She always try to show off her lapology in front of our friends ,know she does not sincere at all but only pretend to be good .P lease it was so disgusting .A couple of days later, she came to me and insulted me in front of my class. I thought that time my patience had reached the limit .Without my knows, I suddenly slapped her for the rudeness. She fights back and both of us become the centre of the attention .I pulled her head and she kicked me at the same time. It was so hurt ,it cannot be described by words .The rest of our classmates clapped their hand and enjoyed our showmanship .All of sudden ,my headmaster appeared up and both of us were invited to this office .He asked why we fighter and Oni quickly answered that I was the caused .We blamed each other .Our headmaster wanted us yo apologize each other. We did it but it was just like water off a duck back. It had no effect to me.Our head mister gave us some advice but for me, in one and out the other .We heard but with no effect.

A month later ,she appeared in front of me apologize sincerely.But I refused to accept it,I afraid it was played by second time.After that ,my friend told me that Oni tried hard to make it rights and just want to make me wow. Apparently she sincered this time .I decided to bury the hat chef and make peace with her.Let the bygone be bygone .That was the best solution and we become friend back. This time, we promise no matter what happened we still friend .She promised me, she will never do that agains and I have her word now.

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