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A drover is a person who drives cattle or sheep. He moves cattle into new lands and also out to markets. A drover may be months on the road. Drovers normally use motorbikes and horses in droving and it is carried out along well-established stock routes. Here, camps, watering places and grass for grazing are available.


A two-roomed house in a deserted bush area in Australia, during hot and dry season (late 19 century)

Main characters:

1) The drover’s wife
2) Tommy
3) Alligator

Sequence/Summary of Events

1. The drover is away with sheep.
2. His wife, four children and a dog, Alligator, are left at their isolated wooden house in the bush, alone.
3. One of the children sees a snake while playing around the house.
4. He shouts and calls out to his mother.
5. Both mother and the eldest son, Tommy, try to hit the snake.
6. The dog too tries to catch it. However, it was not successful.
7. The snake disappears into the cracks in the floor.
8. While the children are waiting outside, the drover’s wife tries it lure the snake out with milk.
9. Thunderstorm and darkness approach and she takes them to the kitchen.
10. She feeds the children and lets them sleep on the kitchen table.
11. Then she sits beside the table to watch for the snake while the children are sleeping.
12. While waiting with the dog, she sews, reads and reminisces.
13. As dawn approaches, the snake slowly comes out.
14. After the second try, the dog finally snaps the snake’s tail and pulls it out.
15. The woman bashes the snake to death and throws it into the fire.

Character Analysis:

1. The drover’s wife

• Gaunt and sun-browned-due to her hard life in the bush
• Brave-takes care of her children alone for many months while the husband is away
• Nervous-her nephew died of a snake bite
• Self-reliant
• Tough
• Patient
• Determined
• Loving, caring and protective

2. Tommy

• Responsible-the eldest of four children
• Active
• Brave
• Protective
• Loves his mother-understands her suffering

3. Alligator

• Big, black, yellow-eyes dog
• Injured many times when fighting with snakes-scars on his body
• Not a very beautiful dog to look at
• Ever ready to kill snakes-hates snakes
• Afraid of nothing


1. Women vs. Nature
- the struggle of a lone woman against what nature has given her.

2. Survival
- A women’s endurance/hardship in life.
- Her courage and determination to protect her family against any danger.

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