Wednesday, July 16, 2008



A poem that tells us about choices – the dilemma of a person having to choose between two equally attractive options (Indecisiveness)

First Stanza

- walking in the yellow woods

- came to a forked road

- thinking of which one to take

- felt sad he couldn’t take both

Second Stanza

- both roads looked equally attractive

Third Stanza

- made a decision

- wanted to come back to take the other road some other time

- knew that road led on to a way

Fourth Stanza

- there was a little bit of sadness, maybe even regret

- poet looked back in time

- felt that the choice made had made the difference

Literal Meaning of the Poem:

A traveler was out in the woods one morning in autumn and he came to a forked road. He wanted to explore both but he could not do so. He stood there for a long time because he was undecided about which road he should take. Finally, he decided to take one and said to himself that he would take the other road another time. Yet, he knew that it was quite impossible for him to do so. He sighed with sadness and maybe even regret for not being able to travel both roads. However, he knew that his choice has made the difference.


1) Contemplative […And, be one traveler, long I stood …as just as fair…]

2) Pensive […and sorry I could not travel both…I doubt if…]

3) Reflective […Somewhere ages and ages hence…]

4) Serious […and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference…]

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