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Hari Raya Celebration In My School

            Last month, SMK Dato' Mahmud Paduka Raja 2, Tanah Merah, Kelantan celebrated Hari Raya on Friday, August 26, 2019. It was a day for our community to gain an insight into one of the biggest celebrated festivals in our host country, Malaysia. This lively event was held in Paduka Hall, which is the main hall in our school.

           A week before the Hari Raya Celebration, all the students, teachers and also the school staffs seemed to be very busy as a beaver because there were a lot of things in everyone's plate as they needed to do extra jobs to run this event successfully. Before doing anything, students and teachers already collected some money for the Hari Raya expenses besides getting a lot of sponsors from many people. Also, the teacher in charge, Puan Senah already did the budgeting for the food served, and some decoration stuffs for not overspending the money for something useless and wasteful. Then, everybody did their jobs that had already been divided into some groups according to categories to make sure there were not be any flaws in the event.

           There were a lot of activities during the event that already been prepared almost a month before that. For instance, there were stellar performances by students and teachers just like `Gamelan' and also shadow puppets with the theme of Eidulftr. Students, teachers and even the school staffs looked so fabulous donning their traditional Malay clothing as we had the Best Raya Outfit Awards at the end of this special event. Everyone was waiting for that award every year as they could show off their best clothing for Hari Raya. The hall was usually crowded with students and teachers dressed gaily just for this award.  At this event, students and teachers had fun taking pictures all together at the photo booths decorated by other students. On top of that, `duit raya' giving session was among the favourite activity chosen by the students. But of course, the meal would be the preference among the teachers, adults as the undeniably scrumptious.

            Some special guests were also invited to this event like celebrities such as Hael Husaini and Wany Hasrita. They performed at the closing to this event with their evergreen Hari Raya songs. All the students and friends immensely enjoyed this special event as they just had fun and did not feel tense at all. Apart from that, I would suggest some improvements in future Hari Raya celebration, such as doing a lot more exciting and extraordinary activities. Next, we could invite many outsiders like old folks, orphans and even the parents to celebrate Hari Raya together because Hari Raya is only the precious time where all the Muslims from different races no matter how old or poor their conditions were, they still deserved to be happy on that time.
             All in all, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a joyous celebration that involves happy feasting with friends and the teachers and greeting each other with 'Selamat Hari Raya'. This special event, hosted each year, enriches students' understanding of local cultural traditions. When the day was over, our students walked away with more in-depth knowledge of an essential cultural celebration in Malaysia.

 By: Ahzazezo

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