Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Most Embarrassing Moment in My Life

It was a hot afternoon. I cycled to school with my friends, Aris and Faiz since our neighbourhood just a stone’s throw away from the school. We did not want to burden our parents by sending us to school. We had a volleyball practice at 4 p.m. We reached school at 3.55 p.m. and started doing some light exercise. The practice took about two hours and we finished at 6 p.m. I felt tired and thirsty as I did not have enough rest.

My friends went home late since they had something to do at school. So, I needed to cycle home alone. As I cycled to school, I felt like wanted something cold to drink. While cycling home, I thought about my favourite drink, "cendol" since I was very thirsty. I remembered Pak Mat's "cendol" stall near the roundabout. Pak Mat was my neighbour and his "cendol" was very delicious. The thick coconut milk and the brown syrup that he put in the "cendol" makes the drink so tasty. He also adds red beans and groundnuts. I was so happy as I thought about it.
After fifteen minutes of cycling, I reached Pak Mat's stall. I saw many customers were waiting to get their "cendol". Without wasting my time, I queued up for my "cendol" before the line getting longer. I waited for a long time just to get my "cendol". Finally, after waiting for a long time, my "cendol" was ready. I cannot wait to taste it. I carried a bowl of ‘cendol’ while looking for a place to sit. Fortunately, I saw stool right at the back.

I walked quickly towards the stool because I cannot wait to taste my "cendol". As I walking, I slipped. Unfortunately, a bowl of "cendol" that I carried fell on a customer. I did not know about it at the first time until I realised a big and fat man stood in front of me. He got up and shouted angrily at me "look at what you have done, you clumsy idiot!", the man shouted. "Sorry, I'm really sorry". I said with a pity voice, hoping that he will calm down.
I was really shocked and embarrassed at that time. I never expected this kind of situation. Everyone at stall was looking at us. Pak Mat was also looking at us. " I'm really sorry. I slipped on something. Sorry " I kept apologising to him. At that time, I hoped this anger will decreased and our problem will over. I can feel that the man was looking at me. "Do you think sorry will solve this problem?” he asked with an angry voice, still scolded me.
He wiped the "cendol" from his shirt. His shirt was dirty because of the "cendol". I braved myself and took out a handkerchief from my pocket to give it to him. " I did not mean it. I'm sorry, " I said without looking at him while handed the handkerchief. He pulled it from my hand and threw it to my face. " You are idiot! This is my brand-new shirt. You need to pay for it. " said the man with a harsh voice. I was totally scared and shocked and I told him that I do not have money. I apologised again. Fortunately, he gave up on me and left me there.
I was very embarrassed. I bent down to take the bowl and spoon from floor. Even though I felt sad and embarrassed, I still had manners. While kneeling to take the bowl and spoon, I saw a banana skin. "The banana skin caused the incident. Whoever did it must get a punishment". I said almost whispered. I know somebody had thrown it on the floor earlier. I returned the empty bowl and spoon to Pak Mat. "I’m sorry for causing the chaos, Pak Mat". I said, felt guilty for him. 

Pak Mat just smiled. " Don't worry. It’s not your fault. " Pak Mat said. Pak Mat had seen the whole incident. Pak Mat wanted to give me another bowl of " cendol “. I refused. "No, thank you. I'll come another day, Pak Mat. Bye-bye." I still embarrassed. I thanked Pak Mat again but still refused to take it. I cycled home with a mixed feeling.

Written by,

Nur Fathiah Nabila Binti Salahani
Class 5 Science 2

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