Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sample Narrative Writing 2017

    Amelia's plans shattered into a million pieces when she saw red fluid coming out of the car's window. She embraced herself to whatever she would saw and her heart almost stopped as she looked at her beloved parents. They were curled up in the car with no light in their eyes. Amelia knew she lost the two people that she loved the most at the same time, the same incident and the same place. The screeching sound of the ambulance tyres were still vivid in mind and ears. Time might have passed, but the pain never got less.

     Amelia was left alone with no family member besides herself as she is the only child. Luckily, auntie and uncle was still there for her she thought. Now raised by her relatives, Amelia realized that she should not lose all hope and stay strong throughout her life. Amelia wanted to make the sacrifices of her auntie and uncle worthwhile by repaying them with an excellent nephew that they can be proud of. Bullied in school, Amelia had less friends but very valuable ones. She never took her friends for her granted and always does her best to be a memorable and kind friend to them with support from friends and determination to make her guardians proud of her, she set a goal to become one of the best students in school so that she could be a successful woman afterwards.

     Through thick and thin, her friends stayed beside her in facing the problems Amelia had to go through. Amelia needed revision books and so on to be used in her studies and her friends offered to lend theirs as a sign of helping her. Whenever she was picked on and got called names, if Amelia looked oppressed, her friends would replenish her with laughters of joy to help her get through her day. Amelia wanted to make sure all and scrum was proud of her so she studied hard and thrived for success. As the saying goes, ' hard work is the key to success ‘, Amelia managed to ace all of her tests throughout school.

     Amelia knew luck was also by her side because one day she was noticed that she got a scholarship from the national bank stating that all her studies will be under their supervision and they will pay all of the cost of her studies. The range of her dreams broadened up as she then had multiple choices of pathways to score her dream job. She fantasized to be a doctor, so after a few consultation sessions, discussion with family and several sleepless nights, she got her answer. She made a choice to further her studies in the overseas and come back as a specialist doctor.

     After doing extremely well in SPM, she got to actually pursue her decision and flew to England to study. After several years of hard work and brainstorming, she got her PHD in medicine which specialized in heart surgery. She flew back home, rang the house doorbell, and saw her ' saviours ' grinning and delighted to see her. Auntie constantly told her to stay strong and never give up in her dreams since she was a child and Amelia was very grateful to her for that. With her auntie's words, she managed to get a PHD and was almost reaching the end of her journey in achieving her dreams. Many job offers showed up in her mail as she was one of the top students at her university. She felt like she was in a dream and was on cloud nine as she went through each of the job offers. She then saw a hospital name that gave a very big impact in her life once. It was the hospital Amelia's parents were taken to after their accident for confirmation of the cause of their death and so on.

     Amelia felt a connection to the hospital and she knew the hospital was a very exemplary one as they did their very best to save Amelia's parents even though they did not succeed. She felt indebted to the hospital and knew that by working for them was an excellent way to repay the favour. So, on April 29th, her first day of work, she could not be more proud and grateful to be there. She felt like she had succeeded in reaching her dreams in the best way possible. Being the person, she is, Amelia was then declared as one of the best heart surgeons in her district. She got calls to do surgeries all around the country and was getting attention from everyone because of how good she was.

     The surgeries done by Amelia were eighty percent successful of all the surgeries she had done. After several years of serving in the country, she was then declared as one of the specialized heart surgeons of the world. Many are inspired by her and was always taken aback whenever they heard the story of her journey to achieve of what she had. Amelia wrote a book describing about her journey in hope of aspiring others like her to always keep fighting and get through their lives. Even though Amelia lost her parents, still managed to be a successful person facing all of the challenges she had gone through. Never have doubt in your heart and follow your desire to achieve. Don't lose hope even if heavy things occurred to you.


Arifah Maisarah binti Rozlan
Class 5 Science 2

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