Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Islam In Malaysia

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, and the Government actively promotes the spread of Islam in the country and its friendship with other Muslim countries. The Census in 2000 show approximately 60.4 percent of the total population are Muslims in Malaysia.All ethnic Malays are Muslim (100%) as defined by Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia,there are also substantial numbers of Indian Muslims and a few numbers of ethnic Chinese converts.[citation needed] As required by Malaysian law and defined in the Constitution of Malaysia, a Malay would surrender his ethnic status if he were not Muslim. However the reverse is not legally true; one does not legally become a Bumiputra by converting to Islam.
A number of young Muslims, especially those from a more secular or westernized background are less-than-practicing Muslims. They observe the practice of a holy month (Ramadan), when fasting during daylight hours is mandatory, and abstain from pork, yet may not pray five times a day nor visit mosques frequently. At the same time, increasing numbers of Malays are becoming more religious, with Islamic banking and use of the tudung (headscarf) in accordance with the laws of hijab (modesty) becoming increasingly common.

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