Thursday, September 18, 2008

It is said that travel broadens the mind.what is your opinion?

It is said that travel broadens the mind. What is your opinion?

I believe that travel brings about many benefits. Given a chance, people should make it a point to travel. Where they choose to go and how often, it depends on their circumstances, but the important thing is that they gain from their experiences.
When you leave your home, you are exposed to many factors. Many of these factors are eye-openers. You will see different people with different cultures and lifestyle. This kind of exposure will definitely broaden our minds. We will learn that we must be more tolerant and accept people –different as they are.
When we are traveling, we will find that things don’t go as planned. Train or plain schedule will go wrong and sometimes we could be stranded in places. On the more pleasant side, we may meet some wonderful and charming people. Whether the experience is good or bad will depend on you and your attitude. What you will learn is you have to make the best of that situation. And if you do you will still enjoy that trip. In this case, travel has taught you something about your strength and weakness.
You also widen your lnowledge when you travel. Besides learning about the history and geography of a place, you actually get to see everything you have read about. This kind of experience actually teaches you more than anything you can never learn from any book. This perhaps explains why there are universities that actually travel as they reach. A good example is the university on a ship. Wouldn’t you like to have this opportunity to travel as you acquire a degree?
Travel broadens your horizon in many ways. It teaches you of things around you and it also makes you aware of your own abilities and limitations. It makes you more patients, tolerants, appriciative, and humble. Through, there will be some people who will travel all over the world and remain as narrow-minded and prejudiced as they were before they left. Hopefully, they will not be many of these people. Travel, quite definitely broadens the mind and I hope more people travel to see the world and return home as better people.

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