Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Work Of A Pilot

A pilot flies a plane. He holds a job which is a very responsible one as many lives depend on his skills of piloting the plane. A pilot must have the necessary qualifications before he is selected to be a pilot. He has to undergo many hours of training before he can qualify to undertake the job.
A pilot must be disciplined and serious with the task that is given to him. He needs to practice flying the plane to ensure that he can handle any emergency situation. He should be able to think fast and put the interests of others before himself. He must have a selfless quality in him. His duty is to ensure that the plane arrives and touches the ground safely under all circumstances. He must also make certain that the lives of the people in the plane are not endangered by his actions.
Nowadays, a lot planes are flown and controlled by computers. However, the importance of having a pilot in plane cannot be set aside. Under certain circumstances, the pilot may have to replace the computers especially when the computers fail to function properly. The human touch and intelligence of a pilot to handle an emergency cannot be overlooked.
The work of a pilot involves integrity, quick thinking and duty before self. It is a job which is demanding but rewarding.

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