Thursday, August 28, 2008

what is the advantages and disadvantages allowing school children bring mobile phones to the school


I think that school children should not be allowed to bring mobile phones in the school mobile phones gives them more disadvantages than advantages. School children should not bring mobile phones because it can loss their concentration to study in the class.

School children will burden themselves when they are had to pay the bill or to reload extra prepaid .they also have to use their parent’s money just to pay the mobile phones bill. They should spend the money to buy benefit things like revision books, stationary and other things that can help them in their study.

When they are using mobile phone, they will waste their time by messaging or play games in their mobile phone. They will forget their time to study because they are enjoyed with the facilities prepared in their mobile phone. So, when they are using mobile phone, their time will utilize to do the useless activities

The school children who bring hand phones to the school will use the studying time by messaging with their friends .they forget that their teacher are teaching in front of them so, they will not understand what the teacher are teaching them. Because of that, mobile phone is not allowed to bring to the school, it only make the school children lose their interest to study that only will break their future.

Last but not least, mobile phone only give disadvantages to the school children .the best way is the school children should not utilize hand phones because when they are using hand phone to school, it will causes the bad effect to the school children.

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