Thursday, August 7, 2008


Wanna know about me? Then sent me an e-mail if you are so desperate. Hahahaha......just kidding. WelI just dont know what I want to write about me. So Im going to tell you all about my favourite time of the day especially weekend.

Did I ever mention to you all about video game? I did? Well,that is absolutely my favourite time of the day. GAME HOUR. When I'm talking about video games it include all type of game consoles such as Playstation 1 or 2, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox 360, and even computers. In my house, I have plenty of game consoles. Of course I didnt bought it myself. It is all my dad handywork. What? you dont know what a console is? Oh! you just pissing me off.

Ok then, Im gonna tell you about what console is all about. Yes,of course it is not somekind of food or even a pet. Its an electronic devices that can detect a DVD or CD games and also, if you have a PS2, you dont have to buy a DVD player coz PS2 can can also detect a DVD video.

Playing a video game every day makes me relief from this tiring world and relaxing me in a world of electron. While playing, i tried so hard to beat the level of the games. Its not too easy if you dare to challenge me. Well, I know you dont even know what is game, right? embarassing me. So, you all didnt know what I was talking about earlier. Huh, what a shame. Go back to your mom and ask her to buy you a video games too and after that I will tell you more about me and my game.

I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!! In fact, it always avoid from keep hurting my feeling while I was playing it instead of human, they don't know how to care somebody feelings. But only a few of them do.....

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