Thursday, August 14, 2008

living in town is better than living in country

Siti noor afeefah bt idris

Living in town is better than living in country

I prefer living in the town for many reasons. In the country have many facilities than the town. The first is there is more and better school in the towns. Any worth oppanents cannot deny that most of the best school is found in the towns. If they prefer to live in the country, then they must forgo that idea of furthering their education .if they want to study in the better schools they must be prepared to travel many kilometers to attend one. It is so difficult for country student. Apart from this, my opponents who love the country so much will not be able to do research in a property equipped library because such libraries cannot be found in the country but only in the town.
In the town, they are more place of entertainment than country only has a few places of entertainment. Living in the country very boring because there are only can do for entertainment. Is to swim or fish some polluted river, fly kites, spin top or do something equally boring. But things are very different in the town. Everything is so exciting there. A town dweller can do many interesting and exciting things such as see a film at cinema, play the machines in anew of many video arcades, skate at rink, bowl in an alley or sing to one’s heart’s content in a karaoke lingerie choosing to live in the country I am sure they are missing a lot of things and no opportunity top live life to the fullest.
Furthermore, my worthy opponents who love living in the country so much will regret it when they fall sick; there are almost no private clinics or government hospitals in the country. Most of them are found only in the towns. If the case is an emergency, such as heart attack or a stroke, my worthy opponents may be dead by the time they get to see a doctor in town.
I also pity my worth opponents for choosing to live in the country where food is concerned. The type of food they eat must be boring and unappetizing because they have to eat the some type of tasteless home-cooked food day in and day out. It is completely different in the towns where are many hawker centers selling all snorts of delicious food. There is so much variety that a town dweller can eat different types of food at every meal. Such as western food, traditional food and so anew.
Additionally, most of job opportunities are in the town. There are very few job opportunities in the country. Beside that, the villages when to the town for find the job. That is why many country youths hawk abandoned their villages to seek employment in the town, there are not only more jobs in towns but the jobs are better paid.
From the 9*many points I have given, that is reasons why I choose to live in the town

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