Saturday, August 16, 2008

do you agree that it is better not to have co-educational schools?

Do you agree that it is better not to have co-educational schools?

Presently we have co-educational and segregated schools. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.
Co-educational schools have boys and girls studying together and thus growing up together. Classes with both sexes are generally very lively and interesting. There is normally healthy interaction among them and lessons turn out to be more stimulating..
Discipline in a co-educational school is said to be better than in a single-sex school. Girls and boys behave better for fear of being embarrassed in front of other sex. They also tend to work harder for the same reason and academic performance is said to be better.
School concerts and sports turn out better with both sexes taking part. School plays can be exploited to a wider limit because roles of men and women can be played by the two sexes. In a single-sex school boys have to act as girls and vice-versa. Sports events too will be more interesting and have greater variety.
It has been said that boys and girls will tend to fall in love if they study together or that they may be distracted by the other’s presence. However, it has been found that such cases are not as numerous as thought, as seeing each other daily makes them take each other for granted and takes away much of the so-called mystery.
A co-educational school must have more classrooms to cater for different subjects like home science or engineering subjects to cater for both sexes. This can be easily worked out by planning ahead when building co-educational school.
There must be co-educational and single sex schools so that people have no choice. In addition, it must be noted that abolishing co-educational schools will not eliminate general problems seen in schools.

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