Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Favourite Thing To Do

By Siti Salwa Mohamad (Form 3 KRK1)

Hmm...Let me see..I've got it! Surfing! What? No! Not the ocean, but the web! What? No! Not like the spiders'! Urgh...okay. Let me get this straight. I like to surf the Internet, okey? Got it? Good.

What's so special about internet your asking? Well, in my opinion, without internet, my life will be bored. Extremely bored. Wanna know why? Okey, I'll tell you. Do you know MySpace? MySpace.com? What? You don't know? Where have you been? Lost in the woods for ten years or what? Don't worry. I'll introduce you to him, okey? What I know is, MySpace is a social networking site. There, you can find new friends from all over the world and keep in touch with them. MySpace is a very famous social networking site, you know? Even actresses, actors and mostly singers use MySpace to talk to their fans!

Enough with the introduction. What I'm trying to tell you is, I like MySpace. I like meeting new friends. Yeah, that's right. I have a MySpace account. And for this moment, I have 73 friends. You think that's many? For your information, many of my MySpace friends have friends from 100 to 1500 friends. One of my friends even has more than 10000 friends! Cool girl, huh? Who is she? An artist or what, to have many friends like that? Nah. Artistes usually have more than one million friends. She's pretty, that's what I can say.

I have some best friends in MySpace. I'll mention their names, okey? They're Ayie, Pablo, Sterling, Michael Stadden and Ogichi. What? No Malays? Look carefully. There's Ayie. Well, if Ayie is not my classmate, I think he would never be my best friend. Wanna know why? It's because he is a very, very, very silent boy. He only smiles at certain times, too. I can still remember the moment he added me as his friend in MySpace. It's last year and I couldn't believe it. Who would have believed if the most silent boy in the class suddenly added you? To make thing worse, I had never talked to him for two years! Or did I? Hahaha...

At first, I found it hard to talk to him but he made it easy. He always teased me and told me jokes which made me very comfortable with him. Only then, I knew that he was a funny guy. He knew the right words to use at the right time. Sometimes, he's a quite annoying person too. As he is 15 cm taller than me, he calls me 'shorty'. Urgh, I'll never forgive him for that. What makes me confused is, whenever I tease or make fun over him, he never gets angry. For a moment, I thought that he's a robot.

Enough about Ayie. He's very mad at me because I said bad things about him. Well, it's not all bad, right? I did praise him, didn't I? Haha..whatever. The next thing I'm going to tell you about is Pablo. To me, he's one of my best friends. Yup, I really like him. When I mentioned his name, I bet that the most of you know who he is. Yup, he's Spanish and talks Spanish. Although he's Spanish, he does not live in Spain, for this time being, I think. Now, he's staying in Florida and is studying English. This year is his fourth year studying this international language. As he is still new in English, it's rather difficult to talk to him for the first time. Sometimes he doesn't understand me and vice versa. But now, I found that he is not that difficult to understand as he always use easy words on me. I can still remember the first question he asked me, "What language do you speak?" I guess that he's afraid that I can't talk English, but that doesn't matter now, does it?

When I first befriends with Pablo, I know that I will be questioned with many questions. This is because he's from a different religion than I am. On the last Raya celebration, I put some of my Raya photos on MySpace and I wrote that the pictures were taken on Raya Day. Eventually, he asked me,"What is Raya Day?" He also wants me to explain more about this celebration. Only then I know that I am his only Muslim friend, at that time. This fact really makes me proud if it's not because of one thing. I don't know how to explain the whole thing to him! Urgh..this really makes me stress. Can someone out there help me explain to him? Please?? Apart from Pablo wanting to know about Islam, I learn many things from him. For instance, I learn more about Spanish. What I mean is, he's teaching me Spanish. My friends think that's cool. This really makes me proud for a while as my friends don't have a Spanish friend who can teach them Spanish!

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