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Directed Writing Question - SPM 2006


Your friend, who lives in another town, wants to know whether he/she should run for the post of Head Prefect. Write a letter to your friend giving reasons why he/she would make a good Head Prefect.

Use the notes given below to write your letter.

Personal qualities

- Friendly
- Responsible
- Helpful

Academic performance

- Intelligent student
- Hard-working
- Problem solver

Co-curricular involvement

- Blue House Captain
- Secretary of English Language Society
- School debater

Other points

- lives near school – able to sacrifice time
- good study habits – academic performance will not be affected
- popular with students and teachers

When writing your letter, you should remember to include the following:

- address
- salutation/greeting
- close
- use all the given notes


Sample Answer

50, Taman Madu,
Bukit Merah,
54000 Taiping,
21 November 2006

Dear Kamal,

It has been quite a while since I last heard from you. However, I was happy to receive the birthday card from you last week, together with the message note in it. I understand that you are in a dilemma of running for the post of Head Prefect at your school. Do not worry. I am writing you this letter to reassure you that you would make an excellent Head Prefect.

You should take on this task because you have great personal qualities that would make you a good Head Prefect. You are well liked and respected by the student of your school. Besides, your responsible nature will be a well-added advantage too. You are always fond of helping others. As such, this helpful character of yours is indeed a pleasure to others.

Furthermore, your academic performance outshines your peers, making it clear that you are an intelligent and hard-working student. You are always willing to walk an extra mile to achieve something. Besides that, you are also a problem solver. Whenever, your classmates face problems, you always seem to find ways of solving them.

As regarding to your co-curricular involvement, I would be happy to say that you are active enough in it too. As a Blue House Captain, it has proven your great leadership qualities and skills. Being elected as the secretary of the English Language Society also proves that the students of your school have much faith in you entrust you with such huge responsibility. Apart from this, you have always represented your school as a school debater. This portrays your confidence and self-esteem.

The strategic location of your house should also give you an extra shove towards running for the post. As it is within walking distance from the school, you would be able to sacrifice time and effort in carrying out your duties as Head Prefect. You have had good study habits since young, therefore your academic performance will not be affected and you will remain as a top student.

Last but not least, you are also popular among students and teachers because of your achievements. I am sure you can be good role model if you are the Head Prefect as everybody will respect you.

I hope I have convinced you enough to run for the post of Head Prefect. You deserve it, so go far it. Anyway my advance congrats to you if you are selected.

Bye, till hear from you again.

Your loving friend,
(Mohamad Lokman bin Ramli)


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