Directed Writing Question - SPM 2004


Question: There are a few matters in your school which could be improved. The school's Prefects' Board has had a meeting. The prefects have decided to write a report for the principal. As the secretary to the board, you have been asked to write the report. In your report, include the following: - The unsatisfactory service and high food prices in the school canteen - The urgent need to improve the cleanliness of the school - The request for a pedestrian or zebra crossing in front of the school Do remember to: - Give your report a title - Use all the points given - Provide two relevant details/examples for each of the four points - Write in paragraphs *******************************************************
Sample Answer
To: Puan Maisarah binti Kamaruzaman, Principal, SMK Kampung Pandan, 56400 Kuala Lumpur.  

Suggestions for Improving Facilities in SMK Kampung Pandan 
The Prefectorial Board of SMK Kampung Pandan had a meeting on 17 September 2004 at 2.00 pm in the Prefectorial Room. The meeting was called by our Head Prefect, Nazrin bin Arshad, because there have been many complaints about the condition of the school. Here we would like to present a detail report of the meeting to the principal of SMK Kampung Pandan for further action and consideration. The first issue that was discussed was the unsatisfactory service and high food prices in the school canteen. The canteen seems to be short of workers because there are only two people handling the huge crowd of students during recess. Due to this, some students are not able to buy their food on time. I addition, the price of food seems rather expensive for school students. For example, a plate of fried rice is RM2.00. Most of the students only bring RM1.00 to school, so they are only able to by light food like bread or buns. There is an urgent need to improve the cleanliness of the school. The first place to start is the school toilet. Usually after recess the toilets are in the deplorable condition. The workers need to work to wash the toilets as soon as recess is over. Furthermore, in the canteen the food is split all over the floor, leaving behind stain and stench. The next point of discussion was the safely of the students. Since the traffic is very heavy in front of the school is over, there need to be a pedestrian crossing. Even a zebra crossing with a traffic warden would be ideal for the time being. This is due to the fact that there have been minor accidents in the past couple of months. We hope that the school authorities would take the necessary actions to improve the condition of the school so that the students would have a safe, clean and comfortable environment in which they could study. 
Reported by, 
(Shalini Ganesan) 
Prefectorial Board, 
SMK Kampung Pandan.
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