Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bring back schools of the past

I WAS pleased to read your article under the heading “ Speaking the global language” (StarEducate, Aug 9). I cannot agree more, it is the language of science and technology, communication and business.

With our nation celebrating its 58th year of independence soon, wouldn’t it be great to bring some bits of the past.

For a start, let’s introduce English medium schools – the type of school that I attended.

People of my generation and even those after us, were able to speak and write in English. It was thanks to the schooling we had.

We were proficient in English as it was the medium of instruction.

I must also attribute my generation’s good command of the language to dedicated teachers and a sound education system then.

There is no denying that Bahasa Malaysia being the national language is here to stay, but there is an urgent need to master English.

Let’s get real here. We cannot understate the importance of English.

I hope our politicians have the foresight to “revisit” some of its existing policies.

Priority should be given to the teaching and learning of Englishat all levels.

Haven’t corporate leaders been stressing enough on the importance of English?

The Sultan of Johor recently spoke on the importance of English.

Even former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has said the younger generation will lose out, should we continue to ignore English.

All this only reinforces the fact that English is the passport to success in today’s world.


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You are right. English is actually the passport in todays world. No matter where you go, it is a necessary to know English because that is probably the only thing you will have common with people.