Thursday, July 18, 2013

School's priority is on getting funds

I HAVE a child studying at a government school in Subang Jaya, Selangor. The school seems to have a tidak-apa (couldn’t-care-less) attitude when it comes to matters concerning the poor quality of teaching and the absence of teachers in class.
Students are left to their own devices but school authorities have done nothing to address the issue.
However, when it comes to seeking donations from its students, the school seems to be working at a feverish pace to get students to donate for its various projects.
Parents have complained but the school has chosen to ignore the numerous letters and pleas by parents. Students have been asked to make a RM50 compulsory payment to the parent-teacher association for computer classes.
I don’t think this is fair as computer lessons are not available to those in Form Five.
The students are also required to pay RM5 as an ICT contribution. This is not all, they are required to fork out RM12 for the school magazine. School seniors are required to pay RM50 for a passport-sized photo that would be published in the school magazine. Seriously do they need to collect that much?
There is to be a carnival soon and unlike previous years, the authorities are again looking for contributions and big donors.
There must be a limit to how schools conduct themselves whenever they seek donations.
There are parents who simply cannot afford to pay for school projects and their children should not be penalised by school authorities.
It is about time the Education Ministry issues guidelines to schools on their fund-raising activities.
Schools are learning centres not business centres! Shouldn’t national schools be getting adequate funding from the government?

Subang Jaya, Selangor

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