Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Loitering is a despicable act that expresses the lack of appreciation towards time. Time is like platinum since gold is outdated. Loitering is more like a disease, to cure a disease; first you must understand it in order to concoct the remedy. A wise man once said, ‘knowing your enemy is half the battle won’.

The obvious cause of loitering among teenagers is that they have an abundant amount of time. To prevent teenagers from wasting time, making independent after school project is a creative way to jog the mind while having fun with learning as well. It will be even better with friends and family members.

Lack of enforcement of the law is also part of the problems as it only encourages more people to loiter. With the presence of an authority figure, loiter can be prevented and other problems that came along with it such as gangsterism, prostitution and many more.

In any case of bad discipline such as loitering, bad parenting always seems to be the main focus. Parents can really help by becoming part of the solutions instead of the problems by giving proper guidance to their sons and daughters. Of course, it has to begin at home and best when they are young.

Influences from the fellow peers are also a major factor that contributes to the drastic increase of loitering among teenagers. The solution is simply be wise when choosing a friend and be wiser when being a friend. That means it is all in your own hand my dear bewildered reader.

To sum up, for many problems, each has its own brand of solution. Loitering also has a perfect remedy designated especially for it. All we have to do is take the first step forward for every journey begins with a single step.

by Amirul Husainy bin Abdul Manan
Class 5 KRK 1

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