Friday, October 22, 2010

Finding true friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed however a friend that you do not need is a friend that is always in some kind of needs that can only resulted with your loss and your friend’s gain. For examples, they asked for your money with ever-so-loveable excuses such as forgot my wallet, ask for a ride home to avoid using up their car gas, claiming the glory for the work you have done for them, leave you with the bills whenever all of you were eating out and even cheat on you by selling you ‘good conditioned’ and ‘brand new’ junk just to make more money than it really worth. A quick and effective solution is to find a good psychiatrist or find new friends. If you do not have the money to have more than one session with a good shrink then I suggest you take option number two. Now here comes the big question of the day, how to find new friends?

Like any quest for discovering something valuable such as friends, you must first equip yourselves with the right tools for the job. The first tool you are going to need is self-confidence. If you show any lack of confidence will only shows how weak you are and most likely to result with you becoming a pushover to every ‘friend’ you made.

The next tool is your appearance. It is always better to just be yourselves than pretending something that you are not but please, for the sake of humanity, keep in mind that what you wear does not end up giving people negative perceptions about your upbringing and moral values. I give you a tip, a person with normal clothes has more friends than a person wearing a shirt with death and blood written all over it and a person wearing their little sister’s baby clothes though it does gets the attention of the wrong kind of people that you definitely do not want them staring at your body.

The last vital tool is having an approachable atmosphere around you. I am not talking about spraying perfumes or colognes to your body but that is a good advice if you have foul body odor that can even makes road kills commit suicide. I am talking about being calm and not showing a face of desperation or an angry face of a wild animal ready to strike upon contact. That way, people will come to you like flies attracted to the light. Warning!!! People repellant may come in handy.

After you are all set, now comes the hard part; hunting a creature called friend. The kinds of friends you choose are crucial to the success rate of you finding one true friend. The most reliable method to differentiate the carnivores, omnivores and herbivores from a herd of friends is by looking each of these creatures ‘special’ traits. ‘Nocturnal’ like to skip school during the day and loiter all night while ‘Parasites’ tend to drag you towards the path of self- destruction such as chain-smoking, drugs abusing and many more.

With the tools aforementioned, the success rate of catching a friend is very high if you played your cards right. A little precaution though, the friend you have ‘caught’ is a wild animal and the only way to tame it is by being a true friend yourselves. You cannot find true friends if you yourselves are such terrible bastard. Always be there for your friends, do not take advantages over them, be their voice of conscience, support them whenever you can, do not spoilt the friendship just because of a little disagreement and most important of all is to share good times together.

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