Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don’t deprive other students

THE government has established 54 residential schools in the hope that those offered a place in these institutions will turn out to be exemplary students and eventually leaders and corporate figures.

I was told recently that some students who had been selected had turned down the offer, thus depriving others of a place in these schools, which are among the best in the country.

Only students with exceptional grades in the UPSR or PMR examinations are selected into these schools.

Even then, one must understand that the Education Ministry has to go through a massive selection procedure in picking those not only with good grades, but who have excelled in extra-curricular activities.

Only after the exercise is done, does the Ministry send out letters to the selected candidates.

My point is why do students who have already been chosen decline the offer?

Do they have cold feet or do they want to brag to others that they were chosen, but had rejected the offer.

These students don’t realise that there are thousands of students from especially remote areas who would jump at the idea of staying in a residential school as they will not have to walk miles to school, or, be deprived of their basic education.

Residential schools apart from providing students with food and lodging, have excellent facilities to nurture students and are conducive for learning.

I wish students who have plans to apply for a place in such schools give the matter careful thought.

Ferdaus Afifi
Via e-mail


AP said...

Then if they got thousand more students who want to go there why choose me?Just choose other students that wanna go.Im now satisfied with my place of study,so im gonna stay here untill my SPM on 2010.

youngwiz said...

if u didnt apply for boarding school..then the ministry wont offer u the place

but if u DID apply for the school n then u decided to turn down the offer..u r juz like what firdaus wrote up there

juz 50cents of my thoughts

gonna shut my mouth now :-X