Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The advantages of riding motorcycles

Motorcycle have been one of the most important transportation in this world today. Many advantages that we can gain when we are riding a motorcycle

One of the advantages that we can get is we can save the petrol. Nowadays, the petrol’s price is quietly increases. By using a motorcycle we can save our money. This is because a motorcycle only use a little bit of petrol compared to others likes car, lorry and van which is use a lot of petrol. So we can use the from wastage. It’s better if we use the money to donate to the mosque or to orphan’s house.

Besides, by riding a motorcycle we can also avoid fr4om a traffic jam. The evident is the motorcycle is small compared to other transport. In addition , we can also save our time to go any destination that we want to get there in a giffy because the can move as fast as lightning.

Apart from that , when we are riding a motorcycle we can also go through the road which is other transport cannot pass through the road. So by riding a motorcycle we can go anywhere that we want although the narrow route.

Another advantages of using a motorcycle is it can help poor people to afford it because the price is cheaper than other transport likes cars of vans. Finally is it provent that riding a motorcycle can give us a lot of advantages

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