Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the pitiful beggar

The beggar shuffled into the stall hopefully. The deep wrinkless on his face showed that he was old. He walked with a decided limp. His wan appearance showed that he had not eaten for a few days.
The people in the stall laughed and jeered at him. The stall was filled with laughter. Even the owner of the stall threw a cold look at the beggar. He was indeed unsympathetic to him. He drove the beggar away threateningly.
He dragged himself to the next shop. He was still holding an empty bowl hoping that somebody would look into the bowl again and finding it empty would burst into tears.
Here again he had to face the same fate. The shopkeeper was angry at seeing such an unwelcome figure.
It was getting late and the pitiful beggar had still not got even a crumb of bread. He then came to me. I filled the bowl with food to the brim and gave him two packets of cakes. His face was filled with joy he began plucking my sleeves perhaps to express his thanks. The beggar I found out was dumb.
He walked along the road carrying the bowl of rice and the cakes. When he passed the shop he looked at the prorietor with a contemptuous smile. He then walked hurriedly into the approaching darkness and was seen no more.

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