Monday, August 11, 2008

'Money is the root of all evil'. How far do you agree with this proverb?



‘Money is the root of all evil’. How far do you agree with this proverb?

For some people money can buy the love. Bur for me, I agreed with the proverb that ‘money is the root of all evil’. Maybe money can make the world goes around. But I do not agreed with the statements at all because money is not everything. Perhaps, nothing is free in the world now but when we are sick we will be more appreciated our health.

Because of money, peoples are willing to ruin their dignity. They do not guard their pride because to them money can buy anything and makes their life more comfortable. Rich mans normally are normally arrogant and they do not care about the peoples who are poor in their surrounding. They humiliated the poor people and they said that the pitiable people are so disgusting. What I mean is the rich man will look down to the people who are not loaded than them.

Money, money, money! Money can also lead to the murder cases. Why did I say so? Because the thick-wallet peoples are more risky to attract the robbers. The robber may also kill them because they want the money and they do not want the money’s belonging report their work to the police.

The misuse of money also happened to the politician, the peoples who have the authority. This is called bribe or even corruption. We can watch on the television or read about all these in the newspaper. They do not realize that they are the role model to the citizen. They also make peoples lost their respect to the leader.

As the conclusion, I absolutely agreed with the statement that the ‘money is the root of all evil’.