Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pearl: Sample Answer 4a

Which character in the novel “The Pearl” do you sympathise? Give evidence from the novel to support your answer.

The character whom I sympathise is Coyotito. He is Kino’s and Juana first-born, only son, a baby who is innocent, helpless and goes through a lot of sufferings. In the end, the poor baby dies in a tragic way, as he is shot accidentally by one of the trackers who mistakes him for a coyote pup.

Throughout the story Coyotito suffers ceaselessly. He is stung by a scorpion on his shoulder and suffers the pain. As the pain get worse, Coyotito’s screams become moans which draw our sympathy as he is only a baby. When Kino and Juana take him to the doctor, he refuses to treat him as Kino is poor and cannot afford to pay his fee for treatment. The doctor gives him some white powder and a capsule of gelatine which make Coyotito suffer even further.

Coyotito could have developed a weak leg, a blind eye or a crumpled back and possibly face death as the scorpion has stung him. Kino and Juana have to take Coyotito with them when they flee La Paz to head to the north. The baby has to travel long distance both day and night. When a shot is released by one of the trackers towards the cave, where Juana and Coyotito are hiding, it blows the top of Coyotito’s head. The baby dies in a very tragic way. This saddens me and really sympathise with Coyotito. All of Kino’s dreams of educating and making him independent are shattered. Coyotito’s death is the last straw that makes Kino realise that there is no point in keeping the pearl.

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