Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Pearl: Sample Answer 2

Choose a memorable event in the novel ‘The Pearl’. Explain why you consider it to be the most memorable event by providing textual evidence from the novel.

The event that is memorable to me is when Kino brings the pearl back to his village. Kino and Juana are happy and excited and others share their joy. Juan Tomas and his wife Apolonia also have similar feelings with Kino and Juana, as they are Kino’s closest relatives. Kino’s brush house is crowded with neighbours who are surprised with Kino’s discovery of the world’s greatest pearl and wonder how fortunate Kino and Juana are to have a valuable asset.

This event of Kino holding the pearl is his hand and telling his people the many possibilities of having a better life in the future makes us feel the power of hope. It makes me realise that it is important to have a vision or several visions in life and look forward to life with optimism. The event is the most memorable event for me.

Kino sees a whole new world unfolding to him where he is able to a rich man. Kino starts to visualise that he and Juana marry in the church. He also visualises Juana wearing fine clothes, complete with shawl and shoes. Coyotito wears a blue sailor suit from the United States with a little yachting cap. Kino sees himself wearing new white clothes with a leather hat to go with. This is the picture of hope which makes the event memorable. It shows Kino dreams of giving his family a good life and wishes to own the things that he would be never able to own as a poor man.

Kino also wishes to educate his son Coyotito so that he is able to read, write and count as he knows the value of knowledge and education. He realises that poverty and hardships have caused him and his people to be illiterate. He does not want his son to have the same miserable fate as him and the others. He wishes for his son to be educated so that they will be free from all their sufferings and the future generations have better opportunities in life.

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