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The whole story of The Necklace revolves around three main characters and their relationship.


France (19th century)

Main characters:

1.Madame Mathilde Loisel

2. Monsieur Loisel

3. Madame Forestier

4. Monsieur Georges Ramponneau (Minister of Public Instruction)

Sequence/Summary of events

1. Mathilde is not happy with her life.

2. Monsieur Loisel receives an invitation to the ball, held by the

Minister of Public Instruction.

3. Mathilde does not want to go to the ball without a suitable


4. Loisel sacrifices his interest for Mathilde to get a gown.

5. Mathilde needs jewellery to go with the gown.

6. She borrows a necklace from her friend, Madame Forestier.

7. She enjoys herself at the ball and makes a great impression on

the people there.

8. She loses the necklace.

9. Loisel looks for the necklace without any success.

10. They purchase a replacement necklace and end up with a huge


11. They do not tell Madame Forestier the truth.

12. They work hard for 10 years to repay the debt and have aged

terribly in the process of doing so.

13. Mathilde meets Madame Forestier one day and tells her what

has actually happened.

14. Madame Forestier reveals that the lost necklace is only an


Character Analysis.

1. Madame Mathilde Loisel

In the beginning

· Pretty, charming, young

* not very resourceful

· Unsympathetic

* full of self pity

· foolish

* inconsiderate/selfish

· impatient

* ungrateful/unpleasant

· materialistic

* thinks highly of herself

· self-centered

At the end

· aware of position/status in life

· low self-centered

· gains confidence

· coarse

· speak loudly

· co-operative

2. Monsieur Loisel

· compassionate

* thinks fast/suggest ideas

· accommodating

* initiates actions

· patient

* persistent

· loving

* optimistic

· considerate/reasonable

* accountable

· caring

* supportive

· sacrificial

* diligent

· responsible

* unselfish

· practical

* rather soft/too gentle

3. Madame Forestier

· young

· glamorous

· wealthy

· helpful

· pretentious


1. Illusion vs. Reality

Mathide Loisel daydreams of having wealth she is unable to

accept the fact that she has to live as an average person in

society. The reality of what hardship in life is about is revealed

after the loss of the necklace. The misfortune, her loss of youth

and beauty make her grow into a responsible human being.

2. Wealth vs. Poverty

3. Deception vs. Truth

4. Pride goes before fall

The Loisels do not admit the truth about the loss necklace to

Madame Forestier because of pride. Because of this, they end

up in a huge debt.

5. Love is blind

Monsieur Loisel loves his wife so much that he goes all out to

Please her sacrifices his own needs and interest to make her

happy and works hard to make ends meet. He never treats

Mathilde badly.

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